Saturday, December 19, 2015

[Beauty Review] LOC Love Of Color Tati

Hi & Assalamualaikum to all you lovelies,

It's been a while since i last blog. Been so overwhelmed with things, including the kids, the house and also working part time from home. So with all that, i manage to do some shopping as well. I'm not sure whether i should do some random haul, but i did get quite a few things during Luxola 40% Sale, and than Sephora started bringing in all the Holiday Sets... so there were some ooo's and aaa's along the way (well for me, of course).

Anyway this time i want to talk about a brand that's not common in Malaysia, rather it's a collaboration between my favourite Youtuber Tati Westbrook from Glamlife Guru & Birchbox. As some of you might know, Birchbox is a Beauty Subscription Box in the US and as all Beauty Box Subscriptions, they normally curate a mix an match of skincare or makeup products in a box every month. Sadly the one's in Malaysia are all dying, wish they could bring Birchbox to Malaysia.

So one day while watching Tati, she mentioned that she collaborated with Birchbox on a makeup line called LOC Love of Color *heart* Tati. It's not a permanent collection, and it's only available for a certain limited time. So guess what this fan girl inside of me started asking around to see how i could get hold of her collection, and after a month of hunting this lovely lady Mei-Yan offered to be a personal shopper and got it for me by using Shop&Box. And with the current rate of our currency, it ain't cheap bringing in this babies. After 2-3 weeks of waiting, i manage to have this collection in my hands *squeal with delight*

So let's get to the details shall we. 

LOC Love of Color *heart* Tati Ultimate Collection

3 Vibrant Matte Lipsticks
5 One & Done Shadow Sticks
1 Sharpener

Total Net Wt 8.55g/0.31oz

The One & Done Shadow Sticks are described as creaseless, waterproof color that lasts up to 11 hours.

It consist of 5 shimmery colors:-
- Nite Owl - Beautiful deep plum
- Day Trip - Gorgeous Coppery Gold
- Smoke Screen - Metallic Steel, perfect for those who would like to achieve smokey eyes.
- Impress Me - Deep rose gold with a hint of purple hue (one of my favourite color, 
                      perfect for all over the lid)
- On Point - Silvery Taupe with a little bit of beige champagne in it. Suitable for all over 
                  the lid or for the inner corner or waterline.

Directions: Glide shadow stick across lids and blend within 30 seconds for a soft look, or leave as is to create a precise, striking line.



Without Flash                    With Flash

The size comparison


First of all i have to mentioned that the packaging is simple and slick and at the same time it's also travel friendly (small and lightweight). The texture is very smooth & buttery and it's very pigmented. As mentioned once applied it's best to work or blend it within 30 seconds if not it won't budge *like seriously*. So work one eyelid at a time. It practically does what it claims, it doesn't leave any creases and so far i've only used it max 6 hours, and the colors still looks amazing. Removing it is not really a pain, but it takes a few wipes before it's totally off.

Next is the Vibrant Matte Lipsticks it's described as a bold matte color that stays soft and flexible.

It consist of 3 colors:-
- First Kiss - Pinky Beige
-Wildest Dreams - True Red with blue undertones
-Glam Life - Deep Berry Plum (Suitable for every skin tone) 

Apply lipstick to dry, moisturized lips, then blot. 


Size comparison for Vibrant Matte Lipsticks


Same as the eyeshadow sticks, the packaging is simple and slick, travel friendly (small and lightweight). The texture is very smooth & buttery and it's very pigmented. It's a twist up crayon like lippy, and the cover actually clicks so you don't have to worry about the cover coming off and the lipstick being damage and all that.

*It's also Paraben Free & Cruelty Free.

This set is only available on Birchbox, and it's retailing for USD 46 (while the actual value is USD 79). They also sell this items individually or in a set like eyeshadows (USD 10) or lippies (USD 8) only. And for Xmas they've actually come up with a set with mix and match eyeshadows & lippies. So if you're interested do check them out, in the mean time below is Tati explaining about her collaboration with Birchbox and launch on the new LOC collection.


Mira Cikcit said...

The colours!!!!!!!!
So tempting

Anonymous said...

How much did it cost you, if I may ask... Another blogger friend of mine was disappointed with the lipsticks saying that the dark colour and the nude colour was very streaky and patchy. I love Tati as well! Been following her since she had only 40k subscribers.

Melissa Mah said...

Mira Cikcit: Yes the colors are really pretty.... ^_^
Fiercepaint: Hi Hari, so nice to hear from you. I got it through a personal shopper that use shopandbox. In total i had to pay RM 316 inc shipping and poslaju. So far i've only tried the nude one, and it looks really pale on me and yes it is kinda streaky. And i normally mix both First Kiss & Wildest Dream together, b'coz i'm not brave enough to pull a red lippie. Haven't tried Glam Life on my lips yet, maybe sometime soon.