Sunday, January 26, 2014

Emergency Bag for Hospitalisation (Labour)


Hi dearies, it's been a while since i last posted up something new on my blog. Anyway i would like to tribute this blog to those who are expecting, especially first time mommies. You see when i got pregnant the first time i did a lot of research. And one of the most important research was the emergency bag to bring to the hospital when you admit for labour. Anyway, i didn't expect the list to be incomplete as there were other things that were needed. So In Shaa Allah i'll be sharing the list of things that need to be in your emergency bags, baby's bag, things to bring in the labour room and etc.

First thing, emergency bag. I just turn 36 weeks last Friday and it's basically full term, now i'm just counting the days when my water brakes or when i start spotting. But i'm praying that my water brakes b'coz from first experience and also from those who have shared their experienced, if your water brakes it's not as painful as when you have spottings.

This is the list of items in the emergency bag:-
1. Pink Book (if you happen to go for monthly checkups in gov clinic you would know what i mean - VERY IMPORTANT!!!!)
2. Bath Towel.
3. Face Towel.
4. Toiletries (that includes toothbrush, toothpaste, cleanser, toner, moisturiser, facial cotton, ear digger - incase the ear starts to itch, nail clipper & pincer, bodywash, feminine wash).
5. Clothes when discharged.
6. Maternity Pad
7. Disposable panties (B'coz you won't have the time to wash and dry your panties)
8. Anti-bacterial wet wipes (if needed).
9. Wave mat (b'coz gov hospitals you stay in a big ward and if it's not air conditioned you might have mosquito.)
10. Handphone charger - also very important.
11. Socks.
12. Slippers/ Sandals or shoes.
13. Makeup (Just to look nice when you and baby discharge). 

 2nd Bag 
1. Hot Flask
2. Mug
3. Milo/Vico (Either your own mixture or 3in1)
4. Biscuits / Buns.
5. Bottle of Plain water.
(B'coz gov hospitals serve food early, you might be hungry later at night. And having all this items help curb the midnight hunger.)

Babies Bag.
1. Babies clothes (bring a few pair, i normally just bring the top b'coz the baby will still have their umbilical cord intact so no point making them wear the bottom. Plus they're wrap with the baby wrap, that would keep them warm enough)
2. Booties & Mittens.
3. Hat or something to cover the babies head to keep them warm.
4. Baby Wrap/ Welcome blanket.
5. Pampers.
6. Wet Wipes.
7. Lotion to moisturize their skin.
8. Newborn Pillow.
9. Nappy Rash Cream (I'm using the one from mothercare it comes in a small tub).
10. Towel. 

Small Bag to Labour Room.
- Ok before i list it down, i do have to say that this small bag is important too b'coz when i delivered Sofiah, i was only told to bring baby's pampers and clothes. After the missy's finish cleaning me up, than only i knew i was suppose to bring along the maternity pad. So do keep this in your priority too.
1. Baby's pampers.
2. Baby's clothes.
3. 1pc of Maternity Pad.
4. 1pc of Disposable panties (if not they'll make their own loop in order for the maternity pad to stay intact.) 

So i guess that's about it, if any of you have any other suggestions please do let me know and i'll edit the list. Hope it helps, especially for first time mothers. Anyway this is my list for those admitting to government hospital, it might be useful for those admitting in private clinic/hospital too. Whatever it is, it's just a guide to prepare for the big day.

Till than,


Illy Ariffin said...

Thank you for sharing babe :) hope that everything goes smoothly for you <3

Celeste DJ Choo said...

Agree! When I was expecting, I also did a lot of research and I packed my emergency bags early, too! Nice of u to share your experience! Good luck and wish u happy moments!

Mieza Everdeen said...

i can see my favourite toner and perfume up there ^_^ tengok post ni, alahai lambat lagi Mieza nak merasa, hehe :p Semoga dipermudahkan urusan kakak nanti :)

Melissa Mah said...

Illy: In Shaa Allah, trying to have positive thoughts... ^_^

Celeste: Thanks for the well wishes. Well decided to do one, since i have friends who are first time mothers, so hopefully it helps them.

Mieza: Hehehe, thanks to beauty boxes/bags this is the only time i get to used all this sample/ travel sizes, other than for holidays. Thanks for the Du'a, In Shaa Allah all goes well. Time Mieza akan datang, In Shaa Allah May Allah s.w.t bless you with a future spouse that is soleh. Than you can start family planning.. ^_^