Monday, January 6, 2014

My Pregnancy and Tanamera

Assalamualaikum ladies,

Well felt like blogging, so might as well blog something that i've bought recently from Tanamera Sri Ati (will provide the link to her FB page below the post later). Tanamera happens to be one of the well known brands for pregnant ladies. They have this set, whereby you could use it both pre and post pregnancy.

When i first had Sofiah i didn't really come across this brand, but through out the years with much reading and researching i somehow find that their products are herbal based and it helps especially during the confinement period. For those who have gone through pregnancy, I'm sure we can relate when i say that your body tends to get tired due to lack of sleep and other factors. If you've gone through a natural delivery, you might have been through an episiotomy (whereby they will do an incision at the entrance of the vagina to enable for the baby to be delivered and you can google to find out more). So for that you have an extra wound to care and heal, same goes for those who have gone through caesarean there is an extra care for this kinds of wounds.

So imagine being lethargic and in pain, this are all natural things that women have to go through upon the birth of their bundle of joy. Do note that I'm not trying to scare those who are planning to have a baby. It's a wonderful experience being able to feel your little one moving inside of you and after going through all the nausea, headaches and itchiness and etc at the end of the day all of those things will just be flying out the window, b'coz you get to see your little girl or your little man in your arms.

Now that's what's important, so i'd better stop my blabbering and start talking about the items i've purchase. As you can see below, I've purchased 2 items froms Tanamera Sri Ati (whose based in Terengganu) by the way. I happen to notice that she had some sale going on so i decided to purchase the Virgin Coconut Oil (100ml - VCO) and the Brown soap. I normally used Bio-oil during my pregnancy to curb the itchiness of my stretch marks, but somehow 4 years down the road, Bio-oil is really expensive when it's RM32.90 for a 60ml bottle.

So for this VCO, since it was on sale i manage to purchase it for RM 30.60 instead of the normal price of RM 34. And the brown soap for RM 13.50 instead of RM 15. The VCO is basically a multipurpose oil, you can use it to apply on your stretch marks, you can consume it and you can even use it to massage your perineum (based on the testimonials i've read, consuming VCO and using it for massaging the perineum actually helps during delivery. There have been those who have delivered without having an episiotomy, which is good (than you don't need to feel discomfort down there during your confinement).

 The next item is the brown soap (as per the picture below), the soap bar is pretty big actually, and it's made out of herbs. It helps to lessen the appearance of stretch marks and skin allegiance on the neck and the body. It also functions as a scrub, at the bottom the texture of the soap bar is more rough than the top.

So far i'm happy with both the items i purchase. I did notice that i smell coconuty when ever i apply the VCO and my skin does feel good and clean when ever i used the herbal soap. I'm currently having this skin irritation all over my body, I'm not sure whether it's due to heat (pregnant women tend to be heaty during pregnancy). I literally bath like 3 times a day, b'coz i sweat a lot and if i don't bath immediately my body starts to itch. And due to that i'm having red spots all over my body..eerrkkk... 

So In Shaa Allah i'm able to purchase this post natal set which cost RM 390, if you buy it from Tanamera, but if you purchase it from Tanamera Sri Ati it will only cost you RM 360 with free postage. The set is as per below:-

There are 11 items in the postnatal set

1 vco -boleh disapu diminum dan buat urutan perineum untuk memudahkan puan bersalin..
2 herbal massage oil-urut seluruh badan..sangat bagus untuk urat sendi
3 herbal tea-memperbanyakan susu dan kecutkan rahim
4 feminine herbal wash-sembuhkan luka dan hindarkan dr alat kelamin ada jangkitan kuman
5 herbal bath-mandian hanya rebus dan mandi sama seperti mandi serum..segarkan tubuh badan dan buang angin dalam badan
6 bengkung(kembalikan bentuk badan puan)
7 pilis(bersifat sejuk..untuk hilangkan sakit kepala..migrin..angin dalam kepala
8 firming (tapel)-untuk disapu pada kawasan perut supa cepat mengecutkan rahim dan kempiskan perut
9 Brown soap-berfungsi untuk kurangkan stretchmarks dan kesan alahan pada tungkuk dan badan..sabun ini sabun herba dan ada kombinasi scrub
10 lavender floral-sembur di wajah dan badan untuk refreshing
11 boreh scrub(hanya digunakan seminggu sekali dan agak panas sedikit..sapu nipis pd badan dan gosok kan...bagus untuk buang angin dalam badan..pecah lemak dan buang air lebihan dlm badan

So that's about it, for those who would like to purchase this item you can find her at the link below:-


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