Friday, April 30, 2010

I'm Pregnant!!!

Well i know this post is kinda late, since i'm on my 8 months now. Haven't had the mood to blog ever since i started having nausea and all.

What actually happen was, i missed my period, did the pregnancy test, but it still showed as negative. So after two weeks have pass, Mama and i decided to go to a clinic to confirm... but sadly even their pregnancy test didn't show a positive result.

A week later, we decided to go to Dr. Viji's clinic (who happens to be Adam's customer), and he did a scan, and the urine test. Urine test says negative, the scan showed some shadows... he told us "give another 2 weeks and than come back".

So after two weeks, we went back and did and ultrasound. This time, it's confirmed... I'm PREGNANT!!!... "Your gonna be a father soon", said the doctor to Adam... he was so happy, coz we were planning for one.

I didn't have nausea for the first two months, it was only later on that i started 'gagging' but no vomitting... so it was ok, but the body feels different, i guess as all pregnancies are like that. My sense of smell has gotten even more sensitive, i can't smell rice cooking, i can't smell garlic or onions... everything seems to make me feel sick and nausea. But alhamdullilah, i only end up 'gagging'. Oh and another thing, i started being choosy with food, which was kinda hard for the 'hubby' coz sometimes my request are pretty extreme.... ^_^

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