Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Decent Date

The title sounds weird right, I know… anyway don’t ask so much question. Last Saturday I brought ‘da’ out for a treat, yeah lah just got bonus recently… so thought of givin him a treat. Plus we’ve been going through so much lately… so I just wanna do something that’ll make us feel nice and happy.

So we met up at 7.00pm at Umarani, ‘Da’ drove my car, coz it’s more fuel efficient, since the silly government had to raise up the petrol price. Drove all the way to One Utama, coz I not only one to treat him, I wanted to shop also at the same time. So he went to do his obligation, while I walk around.. went to check out ‘Fore Skin’ so they had this lovely cute studs for sale, quickly choose the cute ones, bought it and got out of the shop.

Than once ‘da’ is done, we headed to Nando’s for dinner, had to queue for a while, since there were no sits available. Got a table within 5 minutes, quickly order, had our lovely dinner, with chicken mushroom soup as the starter, and drink it down with sky juice.

Than we or should I say ‘I’, went to DIVA by myself, coz I had to get something for Ms Lil Aiwei… wasn’t to sure what to get for her, but at last I got this decent necklace, didn’t had the chance to take picture also… nvm. Next we walk around the whole One Utama, oh… there was this Environment or Green Day thing event that they were organizing at the lobby, so ‘Da’ and I went to check it out. Bought this nice graffiti t-shirt from One Academy’s booth, they event had face drawing for RM 10 (freakin cheap, compare to Central Market), ‘Da’ wanted to do it, so I thought of going for it, but since it’s already 9.30pm… they were about to close… so no chance probably next time.

T-shirt from One Academy for RM 18.00

Than I scout every single shoe shop to get a simple slipper aka flip flops… but some shops were just to freaking expensive or too aunty like. Until I saw this lovely brown flip flops from Radioactive… and it was just the right flip flops that I wanted. Comfortable & reasonable… hehehe…

Flip Flops for RM 29.90 from Radioactive

After shopping we headed to Waffle World and had our deserts, waffle with Vanilla Ice Cream, Banana & Caramel topping…. Mmmmmm….. yummy… especially when your sharing with your love ones… hehe… anyway we both enjoyed ourselves, after exchanging our goodbye, hugs and kisses on the cheek.. Reached home at abt 10.30pm, and still mom thinks it’s late…. Sigh… no comments…


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joann3loh said...

hei mel!!!hehe..this is my blog..ekeke...let me noe if u can have access to it..haha..i don't know whether i did it rite...XOXO