Saturday, April 19, 2008

Making A Come Back

Wow... it's been a while since i last blog, well at least for now I can tell you guys that I've been doing fine, calm and all. Situation's not so chaos adi, but still there'll be somebody out there who won't stop talking about it to every single people in my family, and i'm basically advising this person to stop your non-sense and get on with your life, instead of making things look even bad.

Anyway this is not the reason why i'm beginning to update my blog, a lot of things has been happening in my life. And as i promised, i will actually be updating the story about Rafique & Wati's wedding. That's the first, and than there's more to come. So let's start....

Well since the wedding was on a Sunday, i basically started my day by going to church and all, did all that's necessary and than got ready. Da, came to fetch me at 12.00pm. We than rush all the way back to his house in Sri Gombak, coz we were suppose to meet up with his mom and brother and than go together to Rafique's house. So as per the pictures below, this is Rafique's house.
In the mean time we did some cam whoring and all.... hahaha....
Before we left we got this grape like scented soap as a gift.

So Adam's brother had to lead the whole team to Kak Wati's place for the kenduri.... it was crazy... can't even believe how he lead the group, coz he was driving so fast. When we got there, it was so hot.. we actually had to walk as group, coz it's like as if it's the 'Rombongan Lelaki'..... with all the 'kompang' kids and all...

After that the bride and the bridegroom meet. Snap some pictures, than they went inside the house, for the bersanding, whereby they had to seat on the 'pelamin'. People start blessing them with the 'merenjis' and 'flowers', and for doing that you get a 'bunga telur'.

After the whole ceremony thingy... we had the 'makan-makan' session, even though it's the normal food they serve when ever it's a malay wedding, it's still good food.

Once, everything's done, we got our door gifts.... snap some pictures with the bride and groom... than it's all done...

Us with the Bride & Groom
The Doorgifts that we got from the wedding, a fan, a napkin, cup cake and 'bunga telur'

Continue - Part 2

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