Saturday, April 19, 2008


WAIT!!!!! before you even think of stepping out of your house or heading yourself to the nearest Cats Whiskers Boutique... please keep in mind that i haven't been blogging for a while, so this thing actually happen 3 weeks ago, when i just got my pay.

My cousin sister (Ms. Aiwei), told me last minute that Cats Whiskers Boutique was having 70% sale on all their items, except for new arrivals. Made all the last minute arrangements, and guess what, of all the days she had to take a part time job, it has to end up on a weekend. So for that, we actually had to go shopping on Friday night.

Had to purposely leave office early... head back home, got myself ready... than drive all the way to Centrepoint to pick up this lady. Anyway lucky got there in time to fetch her, it was kinda late, and i didn't even know the way to her house. So happen her dad (my uncle) came back, and we met up at Centrepoint. It was 7.45pm by than, and by the time we reach Hartamas it was already 8pm.

Got ourselves a parking, than it was time to crack our heads to find Cats Whiskers, you see the only boutique i know in Hartamas is Little Black Book (check out their blog @ Anyway ask a mamak owner even he didn't know, than i told lil Miss Ai wei to call her friend.... anyhow we found the shop at last, and guess what it was drizzling outside, my jeans just got wet and i look embarassing.

Leave my emotions a side, started browsing from one clothes to another, tried on one than another, ask Ms. Ai Wei on her opinion... at the end of the day i got my self a pair of slacks & 2 blouse, oh wait and also a lovely tiered chain. Here come the surprise part, i got all four items for less than RM 100. Wow!!! this is the best shopping ever.... Since it was time to close, we just decided to ciou and head to Little Black Book instead, but since i spent so much, i decided to just get a black tube.

Than went to Guardian run some errands for a while, than I decided to bring lil Ms. Ai Wei to Mohsin in TTDI aka Taman Tun and try their signature dish 'Mumtaj Nan', i seriously recommend this dish... it basically looks like a pizza, but it's just Nan, with bits n pieces of green pepper, chilly, tomato and Cheese... and loads of mayonaisse if u like it, or u can choose not too have it. Anyway i love it... eat, chit chat and it was already 10.30pm... quickly sent Ms Ai Wei back home, than drove myself back home with my faithful 'lil red ferrari' aka kelisa. Hehehehe... really enjoyed myself that night, need to do more often....

Kimono Blouse - RM 23.90 after 70%

New Arrival - Polka Dots Blouse - RM 49.90

From RM 59.50 - RM 23.90 (after 70% discount)

The necklace - less than RM 15.00


Clare Chiara said...

Ya la u noe.. 3 weeks after de sale onli u decide 2 tell ppl bout it la rite?? OMG Mel...

aiwei said...

someone merajuk la mel.
oh and thanx for the 'ferrari' ride

Melissa Mah said...

Aiyo, no need merajuklah, next ime i go shopping.. i bring you alonglah... ok?