Saturday, February 23, 2008

2007 History (Part 1)

Ok in order for everyone to know me a lil better, i'd best start from last year (2007). If some of you know, i actually quit from my previous company, which was situated in IKANO itself... with a whole long list of accusation (without pure facts and evidence) from the management, i decided to quit. So yeah that was just the start of my career... anyway than, i had break for about a month, and within the month i was fully concentrating on 'Breakthru' ( If you guys are wondering what's Breakthru - check this link

Thank God almighty, that i actually got a job a month later, thanks to my dad's recommendation - so credits go to him, but yeah i had to go through 2 interviews... which was scary but yet interesting. So after two weeks or so, i got that JOB.... and from taking up a course in Mass Communication.... i somehow ventured to Human Resource. Hahaha... but wow, imagine the amount of things you learn.... and also sensitivity... it's freaky.. coz you never know you might be doing something right, but to your supervisor's perspective it's 'sensitive'.... anyway that's enough of my work.

Now about Breakthru, we were basically bless enough to have performance every month since April.... some were paid, some were for charity but all and all, we were in for the experience and also to make our group known among the society... which was a great head start. Thanks to 'HIM' and our effort, we actually out on a really good show for every single performance.

Now try to digest this my company + Breakthru hmmmm..... any guess yet?..... Hahaha.... well, Breakthru actually got to perform for my company's annual dinner (which was held in September) and to me it was a 'bomb', coz first time in history, we actually perform 6 dance in the event, and i was in 5 of it... which was really exhausting at the end of the day. Plus it was the first time we actually work hard for an event, and vacation at the same time. Pure fun.... This are some of the performance we did:-

So this is part 1... next is part 2

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