Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Clinique 3 Step

Assalamualaikum & Hi....

Since i'm still not in labour, yes i'm anticipating it.... aaarrrgghhh... i decided to do a blog post on Clinique. Initially this blog was supposed to be about my random beauty hauls, but i guess than it wouldn't justify the brand and the product, since there's so many information to share with you readers. So let's start.

I got this Clinique 3 Step Intro Kit for free and so did my sister thanks to Arpita from I actually got to know Arpita from one of Butterfly Project events and since than we've connected through FB. So when i saw her sharing this on FB (The eg shown below is the one i did):-

I was wondering what it was all about, until Arpita tag me on FB. Clinique was running it's Clinique's National Great Skin Week from the 3rd-9th of January, and both you, your sister, friend, mum or partner can get a free set each. Not forgetting a skin consultation prior to getting the set. So i decided why not get my sister in the bandwagon, and we can each enjoy the set, since she's been the one chaperoning me when i need to go out and do errands during the weekdays.

We decided on a day, since i need to go out and get some stocks for my online business and on the way back we can stop by Sogo have lunch and grab the sets for free. Prior to collecting the set i didn't know how much it would cost. But i did a research by going over to Clinique Malaysia website @ and found out that the set actually cost RM100 each... wow 0.0 very generous of them indeed.

So after 3 weeks to a month of using the product i found that the product really suits my skin and there were no break outs (sorry, didn't manage to take any before & after pictures). Skin looks clean and clear, i guess the only downside is that i still have dark circles due to the lack of sleep (Yes blame it on pregnancy). So i need to find a solution or remedy for that, do you guys have any recommendation on what product i should try??? let me know in the comment okay?

Will i purchase the full size, yes i would definitely would. Since my skin is Type 2 (Dry combination), so if i were to purchase all 3 items (cleanser + toner + moisturiser) it will cost me RM 233. 

But what i don't get is when i click 3 Step Sets on the bar in the website, it says that the cost for the set is RM 310 ??? weird huh?

Anyway's since my mom is already an avid user of this product, and she's the only one using it. I heard that if you used it sparingly the set could last you even a year. To me anything pricey especially when it comes to skin care, if the thing can last you half a year it's really reasonable don't you agree with me?

Plus if we were to order from the website and if it's RM 250 and above there's free delivery + 2 free samples.

But before that i'm gonna ask my mom first, since she always get hers over the counter. I heard that if you're a regular, they might even give you a complimentary facial. So i'm going to wait for my sister to update me on that. Let's see which one has more benefits, over the counter or website. But wait i have the SOGO card too, that means i get to collect more points... hmmmm
Ok i guess that's all for now, looks like this post is more to Clinique and i shall do another post on my random beauty haul. Till than,

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