Monday, December 2, 2013

Liebster Blog Award

Assalamualaikum and hello ladies,

So I'm back after all the beauty bag and box review. Found out that i was nominated for the Liebster Award from this sweet little blogger Irene Goh. Haven't done this kinda thing for a really long time, it reminds me of a chain blog or something. And wow did i find her question a little tough to handle, i mean answer... hehehe. So let's start:-

Wondering what Liebster is about?
Let's see, Liebster means "dearest" or "favourite" in German.
So, it means that you love some blogger's work and appreciate it by this gesture.This award is an award which given to up-and-coming blogs of less than 200 followers. (quoted from Irene's blog)

My answer to Irene's questions are:-

1. Describe your personalities. Hmmm i guess my personalities would be motherly, caring, loving, patient (definitely b'coz having a child requires lot of patience), fast learner, shy at times & a good listener. And i do admit that i am stubborn and lazy at times too, no denying on that.
2. What is the quote that you live by? I guess the quote that i live by is live life to the fullest (do charity when possible, spend time with your loved ones if possible and etc. B'coz we never know when would be our last breath.)
3. What is your favourite book?  I don't specifically have a favourite book, but i do love one which is James and the Giant Peach.
4. What is your favourite season? If Malaysia had 4 seasons, i think my favourite season would be Autumn. As i love to see the leafs start changing color and shedding from the trees.
5. When is your first blogging? Based on my records the first time i blog was on the 23rd of February 2008
6. What makes you continue blogging till now? I guess the reason i continued blogging till today is b'coz there are so many topics to talk about this days. And with ppl being IT literate, they do search for answers, reviews, opinions and sometimes help from the internet. So what better way to share your reviews, experience and etc in ur personal blog, without overriding the boundaries of law and sensitivity.

7. If you could turn back time, where will it be? If i had the choice of turning back time,  don't think i would b'coz i'm content and happy with where i am. Having a roof over my head, clothes over my back, food on the table, a husband to spend my life with, a daughter and In Shaa Allah a baby on the way to accompany me in this life time and to believe and worship Allah s.w.t is just a blessing. But there's no denying that i do miss the times when i use to have dance as my passion, and performing was a way of expressing and being free, not forgetting keeping the body fit too in a fun way.
8. What will you do if you only left 24 hours of your life? If i had 24 hours, i would In Sha Allah do more ibadah & charity at the same time spending time with my love ones until my last breath.
9. The unforgettable lesson you have learnt in your life. The unforgettable lesson that i have learned in life is that there is no other being that deserves our worship except for the one and only god which is Allah s.w.t 
10. What is an item you lost that you would like to get it back? I guess the item that i lost and would like to get it back would be my very own baby photo album, b'coz my mom can't seem to find it. And the ones in my hand are so few. There's so many memories that i miss looking @ the missing photo album.
11. What is the first item you think of to buy it if I were giving you RM100?
Well the first item that i would think of buying is makeup or skincare. But after thinking carefully, i think it would be a pair of jeans or a few collared t-shirt for my husband. Reason being b'coz he works so hard, that he rarely spends on himself, so i'm the type of wife that likes buying gifts for the husband if possible. ^_^
And the rules to follow are?
1. Post the award on your blog.
2. Thank the blogger who presented this award and link back to their blog.
3. Answer 11 questions posted by the presenter.
4. Nominate 11 bloggers who you feel deserves of this award and those who have less than 200 followers.
5. Give your nominees 11 questions.
Now the lucky 11 bloggers nominated by me for the Liebster Blog Award is *drum roll*
1.Shivani Balraj from Pen my Blog
2. Kay Silva from
4. Lizzie Leong from
5. Sherlyn from 
7. Grace Myu from
9. Trislynn Chan from
10. Seereena R from
11. Siew Cheng from
My Questions for my Nominees:
1.  Who or what do you love most in life?
2. If you had the choice of changing your life story would you or would you not? and why?
3. What is the first thing you see when you wake up in the morning?
4. What is last thing you see before you sleep at night?
5. If you had the chance to say something to someone, knowing that it would be the last time you see them, who and what would it be?
6. What do you look forward in the future?
7. If you found a bag with tons of money in it, what would you do and why?
8. If you were deserted in an island, what are the 5 things that you would like to bring along?
9.  If you had children, would you decide their future, or would you leave it to them to decide? and why?
10. What is the most embarrassing moment that ever happen in your lifetime?
11. What do you like to have for breakfast?

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