Thursday, December 12, 2013

Haul from Big Bad Wolf

Assalamualaikum ladies,

How are you all doing? In Shaa Allah everyone's doing good. I've been pretty busy for the past 3 days being out and about rather than being at home. So i was really looking forward to go for the book fair in MIECC which was the Big Bad Wolf. If i'm not wrong this is their 2nd time around this year (2013), and it was my first time going there, with my sis, mom and Sofiah. 

Decided to drive and use WAZE as my guide, but sadly we got lost going there and coming back home. Thank Allah i pump the car enough to go around and get lost. 

So anyway's we were there pretty late around 3pm out of being lost and jam and all that. Parking alhamdulillah was easy, as there was a secluded parking space near the new building. It looked like an abandoned park, the parking fee was RM5 per entry and guess what it's just a short distance from the venue. We just had to cross over the river. So took the lift, when up and guess what you can't stop at the floor where the book fair is on, you have to go another floor up where there's some F&B vendors, and take an escalator down. Poor Sofiah she was already sleeping, when i carried her she immediately woke up and was wide awake. 

So we took the escalator down, than Amanda (my sis) had to go find my mum, b'coz my aunty drop her earlier. And we started browsing for books. My budget was set at RM100 and nothing more, and my aim was just to get books for Sofiah and our little one on the way.

Started looking for storybooks and activity books for Sofiah, my eyes was literally scanning through each book. Everything looks so nice with beautiful illustration and crazy price tag. Children books were literally from RM1 - RM 15. After picking and choosing and calculating this were the books that were haul during the book fair.

Dinosaur Train by Jim Henson's
Price: RM 12
*And it's a hardcover book

The Octonauts and The only Lonely Monster
Price: RM 8
*Hard cover and glossy pages.

This 4 books only cost RM 3 each = RM 12
*They have googly eyes, which In Shaa Allah will attract our little baby*

Toy Story 3
Price: RM 5

Workbooks that were meant for those age 4-6Y, b'coz they don't have any which was for Sofiah's age. And they only cost RM 5 each.

Story Time by Miles Kelly Little Press
Retail: RM 20 per set
*There was suppose to be 10 different story books in it, but since i didn't check i ended up having 9 of it, and 2 of it were repeats.

Books for the lil one - 123, ABC, Colours & Shapes.
Retail: RM 3 per book.
*Worth getting since the price is such a steal, and i just love the beautiful illustration and colors on it.

*Oh and before i forget, do you ladies know the kind of storybook that has like sound buttons on the side. They only cost RM10 each, i saw one which was Disney Brave. There were also other few titles, but i can't remember what. So it definitely is a steal and they also have interesting encyclopedia for kids, which i so wish Sofiah was old enough to read.

So can you just imagine how tempting it was seeing all this beautiful books, with beautiful illustration, colors, easy to read content and not forgetting the crazy price again. And i had to control myself to spent within the budget... uuuurrrghhhhh u don't know how geram it was, i wish i could bring back more. But than thinking again we don't have much space in the house to have all the books.

In total i only spent about RM 82, b'coz mom decided to pay for the Toy Story 3 & the 7 collection books and give it as a xmas gift to Sofiah. 


I would definitely go again, bring extra cash (or if possible save as much as you can, b'coz you will definitely splurge on those crazy deals. Bring a trolly, roller bags or anything that would make it easy for you to lunge boxes of books.

If possible let the driver be someone whose familiar with the road, there's no denying how exhausting it was being pregnant and driving around, lost and all. And yes if i had more money i would go again before the book fair ends. But sadly i don't, another thing was mom did mentioned that there was this NGO called Budimas who happens to open a counter at the book fair. You can buy and donate the books to them, as their currently working on collecting books to put in their makeshift libraries for the orang asli's.

Oh and this is Sofiah with her favorite bedtime story:-


So that's all for now, till than take care ladies. 

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