Thursday, November 5, 2009

All Souls Day

Last Sunday, Adam and i followed my mum and my siblings to visit my grandfather and my relatives graves.

Though last Sunday was All Saints Day, we still decided on going on that day as Monday is a working day. Anyway, the purpose for Adam and i to go to the cemetery is not because of All Souls Day, but as a sign of respect to visit my ancestors grave. Islam does not stop you from visiting the grave of your family members, even though they are not muslim themselves.

So we left the house at 9.30am, and headed straight to St John Church, coz mom and the siblings when there for morning mass. They had earlier purchase the flowers in Petaling Street, and based on what the sis told me, the flowers were almost sold out.

By the time we reached Cheras Cemetery it was almost 11am. It was jam as normal, but we manage to get a parking spot near the old chapel.

The first grave we visited, is my foster great grandmother, based on what mum said was that this foster grandmother of mine actually took care of nanny when nanny's biological mom past away during the Japanese War. Guess what she's a Japanese herself, but her name sounds like Mat Saleh - Jane Dewitt. Thankfully her grave was clean, and it was under the tree shade. Adam help to scrub her tombstone, while all of us cleaned the grave site. Mom and siblings offered some prayers, candles & flowers.

Next stop, was my great grandparents grave along with my grand uncle and grand aunty. This grave is more unique coz there is four body sharing the same grave site. My grand uncle & my grand aunt's body was actually cremated if i'm not wrong, due to lack of land. There is still two available slots on it. This time the cross look like it had a crack, so we didn't scrub it at all... just wipe. As per-normal mom and the siblings did what they do and we left for the next one.

The last one, is actually my grandfathers grave site. He past away days before my mom's PMR exam. I understand that both nanny and grandpa were actually in-laws. Grandpa originally married Nanny's sister, but her sister past away. At that period of time, Nanny's first husband who is a Chinese also passed away, and years later they got married.

So, anyways this time i made an effort to buy a small can of black paint, coz the words on the gravestone were fading. Brought a brush along too. But when we got there, the first thing we had to do was start a small fire, coz there were too many Kerangga going around. Anyway while the smoke was doing it's job, i was busy doing some minor renovation on grandpa's tombstone, while being suffocated with the tons of smoke. Thank Allah s.w.t for head scarf, i actually had to use it to cover my nose, through out the burning session.

Anyway, once the Kerangga has gone... i was still continuing my job, amanda was helping at the same time, by using a twig... which pretty mess up a little with the tomb stone, but never mind that, at least we got our job done. Mean while the lil brother stop the ice cream man, to get a few cones of ice cream for each one of us... yum... yum...

By the time we left the place it was almost 1pm... i wish i took some snap shots... but i feel that it was too inappropriate to do so, since my intentions to be there is not to blog, but to remind myself that this will be our abode when we die. It's more of a plane terminal to another realm which is the grave...

Life is to short for us to just take it for granted and ignore our real purpose in this 'dunia' (earth). As muslims, this 'Dunia' is just a place for the mukmins (believers) to go through trial and tribulations. The real world is when we are in Jannah (heaven). That is where everything is eternal and complete. Everything that we ever want will be there, prayers that were not answered while we're in this Dunia, will all be answered in Jannah and that's the beauty of it.

So let's remind ourselves to always worship Allah s.w.t , to remind ourselves that this Dunia is just temporary... and not to live this life, as though this is the place that we're destined to live. We're put in this Dunia by Allah s.w.t... so that we will strive to be in a better place later on after death, to fully commit ourselves to him... and to always remember that he is always there to watch our every single moves. Never ever take things for granted by saying i'll do this sin now, and i'll repent later.. coz we'll never know when Allah s.w.t will send the Angel Of Death to pull out our soul, it maybe tomorrow, or the next day or next week, next month, next year? or it could be just in mere seconds that we will just be gone from this Dunia.

I hope and pray that Allah s.w.t will guide each one of us while we're still in this Dunia, and i ask of Allah s.w.t to bless us all with the knowledge that this Dunia is not everything and Jannah is our eternal paradise and we should strive for it every single day... insyallah

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