Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Story of My Love Life

People always wonder how two souls could have met with each other, and they have been inseparable ever since. Well i wish to document the story of my love life... whether this story will ever be read out during my wedding day, i hope not... coz i think Adam's parents and mine will start to wonder... WHAT!!! that's how our kids knew each other.. haha... ok let me tell you my version of my story and this is coming from the horses mouth... no where else.

Ok... the story started when i was in form 5 (17 years old)... my dad disconnected the modem, and i wasn't allowed to use the internet at all... knowing that there was no streamyx, and you have to pay for every cent that you used. So what i did was since there was a Kompleks aka Mall nearby my house... i decided to go over to the Cyber Cafe's and used it to my advantage. So imagine RM 2.40 for one hour of usage.

Anyway, that was how i met Adam.. wait.. more like he noticed me.. yup he was the owner of one of the Cyber Cafe.. what was it called again da.... oh yeah 'Terasoft' hehehe... so i use to go over to his Cyber Cafe to used the internet... and he had two shops.. and the divider was a piece of glass... guess what... one day i was using the computer and i notice this guy on the other side was looking.. or more like staring at me.. and i was wondering... why is this guy looking at me like that. Fine, ignore him and continue doing my stuff on the net...

Wanna know what else... my school had this silly ruling whereby our Uniform had our name tags emboss on it... so that's how this cheeky lil 'da' of mind find out my name. The best part, he had an employee by the same name too... how nice... so it seems whenever i went over, he'll purposely call 'Melissa' it's as if his calling her.. but the truth was he was trying to get my attention... hahaha... thinking abt it makes me laugh.

So yeah, we didn't actually had a conversation until one time when i was abt to leave for National Service. When i made the payment at the counter, he asked me whether i would want to have the application form to get into MMU... that's when i told him... 'No, thank you... coz i'll be in NS for 3 months"... so we were out of contact for more than 3 months. Than there was one day when my mom and i decided to go over the mall to get some stuff... that's when i notice 'da' on the ladder in front of his shop.. and i gave him a smile.

After a month or so.. one of my NS friend persuaded me to install Yahoo Messenger... and one day a stranger with the nickname 'fusuke9' came online and talk to me... i didn't know who he was until he introduced himself. Before that i have to say that my first impression on 'da' was that his a malay. That would probably b'coz his a Chindian and his skin colour is more darker. Hahaha... so since than we've been chatting online every single night.

After a few months, he decided to ask me out for lunch... i guess that would be counted as a first date... and it was in Pizza Hut... hahah... he actually just came back from his cousin sisters wedding and he went to Penang. Over there he bought a perfume 'Tommy Hillfiger for Women'... and he gave it to me... that's the first time a man had ever given me a perfume.. and to me that was an obvious 'hint'... So since than we've been really close and we somehow told each other we like each other.. and it all happen on September 11th.

Since than, September 11th has been embedded in my head.. as it is my anniversary date, the date where Adam and i actually got together.. It's been 4 years since the day we got hooked to each other, and since than we've been through a lot. The first few months is always the 'honeymoon' month... later on there are arguments as normal... there were time where we hated each other... we say things that hurt each other.. but at the end of the day, we still forgive and forget.

To me this relationship is a part of my experience, and experience on how to love, care, and understand each other... Compromising and being thoughtful all the time... ever forgiving and still loving each other. It's tough.. being in a relationship... as it needs a lot of effort and care. I'm not trying to frightened any potential lovers who are planning to be in a long term relationship... but always remember if you love that someone, you will always think and sacrifice for that someone.

I guess for both Adam and I, we have sacrifice a lot for our relationship, tears, laughter, sweat... no blood yet for now... hehe.. but i love every second of it... i love every single experience i had and will have with him. At the same time, both of us are also praying that we may be able to savour the joy of being married to one another and being able to call each other husband and wife.

When the day will come.. only 'Allah' knows best.. but we're planning it sometime next year... yeah.. i know some ppl will say " Your, so young, why would you want to sacrifice your single life adulthood" well let me tell you something.. In Islam.. it is encouraged for couples to get marry young.. as you will not be involve in too many sinful acts... for example pre-marital sex and also fornicating... so why not enjoy that life.. in marriage.. when you know your able to do something legally in that bond of marriage. But also think twice before jumping in that boat.. coz that's where you start a family. In the mean time for me.. though i might be married young.. i'm not planning to have kids so soon... as it is advisable to be financial stable. So i'm just gonna enjoy my life of being a wife and being able to spend my time with Adam every single day 24/7. Without anyone telling us... "oh that's wrong, you can't do that... it's un-lawful" ... so hmmm... i guess that's how i contemplate things... hehehe..

So i hope those singles out there... may you find your soul mate soon. For those who have found their other half... be always thankful to 'Allah' coz to tell the truth... i am.. for Adam is the answers to my pray.. the pray of being able to be loved, cared and understand.. a man who i can someday call my husband... 'insya allah' (May it Happen in God's will)

God Bless


ms. tsu said...

gosh...i'm so jealous of the both of both are so sweet together...let me pre-congratulate the both of u first..hehehe.. =P

Melissa Mah said...

Haha... Tsu Yi, no need to be jealous.. your having a wonderful relationship too. Thanks for the pre-congralate, but please do keep it when the time comes.. haha.. thanks.

Adam Fong said...

Assalamualaikum (May peace by upon you) my dear. I want to say that what you've reported is true and authentic. I love you from the day i met you, and i still love till this day, insyallah(If Allah permits) i'll love you till my soul returns to its Creator, Allah.

Our relationship was never an easy, it was easy for a while, than later it was like a mountain, but only by the mercy and the patient that Allah gave us, that we manage to overcome these trials.

Whenever i read this, it just gives me flash backs, and i find clouds over my head :)..

I love you for the sake of Allah, because it was Allah that created you, and its wasnt by mistake that i met you in my life, it wasnt by luck that i met you, it was because Allah made it that way, and we are following what ever Allah had planned for us.

I look forward to being with you, as your husband, insyallah, and fulfill my duties as a husband to my wife in the future.

Murni said...

aawwww so sweeeeet! it's so good that the two of you found each other so early in life :)

all the best ya?