Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sick & Not Loving it

It's been really long since i had the time to write down something on this blog. Lately the sick bug has been going around the office and at home. Somehow i seem to be affected by it to, knowing that the ventilation in the office is so bad.

Been having this fever, flu & cough and all... i'm tired of taking all the medication. In a total of one week i actually visited 3 doctors. 2 were my panel and 1 is Adam's customer. Somehow the medicine that the 3rd doctor gave me, is really working it's stuff.

I don't feel like myself today... don't know why.. and i haven't eaten anything since morning, well actually i ate half a cup of 'Koko Krunch with Milk' and that's all... no appetite. 'Da' ask me to go over to his house, probably i could find some comfort there and have dinner with his family.... sigh... why do i have to feel like this... i feel like i'm not myself. I need to get out of this house and do something. But i can't shop, coz i ran out of money....hmmm... anyway can't think of shopping anymore.. too many clothes in the closet... and need to save the money for the big day.

Whether my parents are against it... i don't think i care anymore. I'm freaking 22 and they don't see it. It's hard why they can't understand for the fact that this man that i love has not changed a little, but just his religion. Does a religion makes a person? i don't think so. I just wish they could see what i see. Which is 'I Love This Man' and there's nobody else in this world who can replace him... I just want to be with him for the rest of my life... that's all i ask for...


Clare Chiara said...

Stand strong to your love mel!! Looks like I'll be walking down that phase of life soon too.. and I get to go 2 u 4 help then... wakakkakak...

Miss u~~~


aiwei said...

poor mel..sick for so long..think the next time i see you you would have lost alot of weight..
sigh take care of urself kays
and don't shop too much!
i'm refraining from shopping too
haven't bought any clothes for a about a month dy *gives myself a good pat* :D
BUT i bought some accesories just last week! felt guilty after that sighhh but it was very unique lor!
nways when u get better, we'll go out for makan with clare or something catch up on each other..
cheer up kays!
there's a solution in every obstacles we face in life..
and im sure you'll find ur solution soon :)

nicole said...

Hey Mel... Nicole here. Found your blog by Googling your name ;) Just wanted to tell you that you have all my support and I wish the very best for you. Lots of love xxx

Melissa Mah said...

Hei guys, thanks for all the support.. i really appreciate it a lot.

Clare: Well i didn't know u'll be getting to that phase soon too, well hope we could go through this together without feeling any cold feet

Aiwei: Good, you actually refrain urself from going shopping, buying things once in a while it's ok. I guess i would need you help from now onwards.. since i might need to start refraining from this month onwards. Or not i won't have a wedding at all.. hahaha

Nicole: Hei babe, it was smart of you to actually find my blog online. Hahaha... anyway thanks for the support, though ur so far away. Now it's my turn to find ur blog on Google.. haha.. take care

cursedangel said...

hey, thanks for the comment on my blog. will take care of my back =).
and wow, im surprised and equally delighted for u. stay strong and things will work out somehow =)