Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Stand up for Clare.

I seriously do not know how to start this blog. Lately too many drama’s have been going around, out of one person’s act. Out of one person’s act, who does not know how to be responsible for his/her actions, instead decides to point it to one person. This other person instead is willing to help and not knowing that he/she has put his/her reputation into risk, when all he/she wanted to do was just to help his/her friend.

I just hope and pray to Allah, that truth may prevail someday, if it’s not today… than I guess it’ll just have to be on Judgment Day. If one does not repent by than, than that person will receive the wrath from our Almighty God. And guess what, nobody once to be in that person’s position.

Please we are all friend’s, we are not suppose to slander or do any back biting or reveal the shortcoming of others.

Do you not you know that if you slander another person, all your good deeds that you’ve accumulated in your life as at now, will be given to the person you slander and humiliate? Instead you will be standing at the Day of Judgment without any good deeds in front of our Almighty Creator as a loser.

So please bare in mind, that what ever actions we’ve made will be accountable on the day of judgment. For we have two angels at the side of us at all times that are witnessing every single actions and taking it into account at all times.

May this be a reminder to all of us, that God Almighty is watching us at all times. For those who are affected from other people’s action, may God Almighty have mercy on you and may you take this as a form of challenge or test from God. For it was meant to be, as he is always testing our faith in Him and we know that he loves us very much.

~May God Bless Those Who Read My Blog~

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