Thursday, August 7, 2008

Bijou Bazaar in Strudels Café, Lucky Garden + Dinner @ Frames

When to check out the bazaar about 2 to 3 weeks back… and yes I finally met Kak Murni after so long… she sells all this lovely accessories for a really reasonable price.. and I bought this white lovely pair of earrings from her… wore it, right after that..

For only RM 10.00

hehe… So Miss Lil Aiwei got herself a top, sis got for the family some lil cupcakes (6 for RM5.00)… and I got myself this long white T after that… snap some pictures for the blog… nothing much interesting…

Live band performance... this girl was good

This was taken from the Jujuwitata's booth

People and more people

Strudels cafe + Bijou Bazaar

Ms Lil Aiwei and my sis

The t-shirt from the Bazaar - for RM30.00

so decided to drop by Czip Lee opposite of Bangsar Village 2. It’s actually a bookshop… but it has really nice things… and knowing me an art & craft lover… can’t stop checking out some stuff… walk.. walk and ended up buying some small funky notebook… to record down my daily expenses… yes I do that… but I guess it’s not stopping me from spending over the budget sometimes… sheesh…

Than, next we went to Little Black Book outlet in Bangsar… so sis checked out some coat, and lil Miss Aiwei went for shorts… and me just browsing… but somehow ended up with two lovely pair of earrings…

Got this two lil babies from Little Black Book Boutique (RM5.90 each)

than kept browsing all the other boutiques around Bangsar… somehow I got so tired and exhausted… decided to just sit at one the pavements… was on the phone with Clare.. when suddenly Chin Wei, the Finance Manager from my company passed by… so said hi…

Lil Ms. Aiwei and Amanda again

A not very nice picture of me & Ms Lil Aiwei (Was dead tired of walking)

The 'Mah' sisters....

than called mom to inform her that we want to have dinner outside, coz I wanted to check out Frames café in TTDI Plaza

So we headed back to the parking lot, got into the car… drove all the way to TTDI plaza and had our dinner there. Below are few of the pictures…

Amanda's Hot Lemon Tea

'G Frost'- Frames signature drink... yum yum..

Love their Spring Rolls... so yummy.

Ms. Lil Aiwei and i decided to try their Cheese Burger - RM 19.90 only

Fish & Chips for Amanda - also for RM19.90 only

Making fun with the Cheese Burger... hehe

Send Ms. Lil Aiwei back home and we headed back home, and that’s the end of the day.

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