Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Makeup & Tools Haul from Luxola 25% Sale

Hi & Assalamualaikum lovelies,

As per usual this is another late posting coming from me, and as you all have notice for the past months, Luxola has been having frequent offers on the items that they carry.

If any of you are still new with what Luxola is, well Luxola is a Singapore based e-commerce business that provides 48 brands and over 500 different products on it's website. And everything is reachable by the tip of your finger, all you need to do is browse through the site, click what you want and put it in your online shopping cart. Even payment can be made via online, once payment has been made they would email the invoice and a notification will be sent to the email once the parcel is out. It'll take roughly 2-5 days to arrive, as most items are normally send out from their warehouse in Singapore. 

Few months back, they actually had a 25% SALE on all their products, and this is actually my 1st time placing an order from them. Yes call me a 'slow mo'... better late than never right. So i decided to get my hands on the ever famous Sigma Beauty F80 Flat Kabuki Brush, thanks to all the good reviews that i've been reading and watching on youtube. Previously i would use my hands to apply foundation and BB Cream, as i find it very tedious to use the brush, plus it leaves streaks on my face. Well maybe i'm just not good in using the normal foundation brush.

So here's the Sigma Beauty F80 Flat Kabuki Brush, as you can see the hairs on the brush is quite dense which makes it easy to apply foundation over the face. This brush originally cost RM 74.50, but after 25% discount, it only cost a mere RM55.88 which i think is a very good buy. A little pricey, but it's a good start in investing a good makeup brush.

I also purchase Sleek's Face Contour Kit. I've never dealt with any contouring before, my makeup was mere foundation, eye liner on the upper lid and waterline, blusher and lipstick. No highlighter, no bronzer. This contour kit retails at RM 45.50, after less 25% it only cost RM 34.13.

A small little look book on how and where to apply the highlighter and bronzer.

And a very simple and sleek packaging, very slim, easy and light to carry around. I actually chose the shade Light, as i'm more to the fair complexion side. So getting this shade was definitely and ideal choice. They also have two other shades available which is medium and dark.


Swatches with flash mode, it looks quite light but it actually turns out good on the cheek. This is my current favorite item in my makeup bag when i wanna go au naturel. You can even skip the blusher if you want, just put some light foundation, some eye liner, a little highlight and bronzer on the cheeks and the nose, some tinted lipbalm and you're good to go. I'm serious... you'll have a result of healthy glowing skin and not looking too made up...

So my verdict is both the items are definitely a good buy, and since Luxola uses Aramex you can actually track where your parcel is. The parcel actually reached me 5 days after i made the order & payment. And when i received it, you won't believe the amount of bubble wraps that they use. I even got a small sample of Rachel K's Mineral Color Control Neutral CC Cream Blemish Balm.

The link to Luxola is as per below and want to know another tip? subscribe to their newsletter so you will get the latest update on discounts and new products and most importantly an early access to their sale which is normally an hour before the estimated time.

Till than Assalamualaikum... ^_^

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