Friday, July 4, 2014

Only Beauty Sale Haul - Citta Mall

Assalamualaikum and Hi Lovelies,

About a month back OnlyBeauty had their L'oreal Mega Sale in Citta Mall, Ara Damansara. Since i've heard there's good bargains, I decided to check with the lil sis if she was free and decided to go on one of the days. Since the sale was running from 6th-8th of June.

So we decided to go on the 6th, it was my first time being in Citta Mall, so everything was new and the best part it wasn't mentioned where the sale was exactly located in the mall. When we asked the security guard, he actually thought that we were asking about the Xixili Sale (yup they were having sale in the mall at the same time too, but i didn't check it out as budget was tight). So we just randomly started walking in one direction, and that was when we saw the sale corner (it was located opposite of Chatime, in one of the shop lots). Place was a little small, there were brands like Garnier, L'oreal, Maybelline, Johnson & Johnsons, some korean mask and others.

Anyway the first section i decided to head too was the makeup, i was targeting for the Colour Tattoo Eye Shadow (due to an international swap). But it was so crowded, and carrying your baby in a carrier and having your little toddler following you doesn't make things much any easier *yes i'm a multi tasking mommy*... So manage to get hold of the eyeshadows *sadly not much colors to choose from*, and than decided to browse for other things.

As you can see i actually purchased the Garnier Aqua Defense 2nd Skin Mask (3pc in 1 set) for RM10 and i also got the Garnier BB Eye Roll-on for RM 12.00 and Maybelline Colour Tattoo Eye Shadow for RM 10 each. The two Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick were actually free.

The lipsticks

The swatches

Garnier BB Eye Roll On in the shade Natural

The applicator

Garnier Aqua Defense 2nd Skin Mask (3 satchets in 1)

So that's my haul from this 'SALE', one thing that i suggest is that they have more makeup items. Maybe b'coz i'm into makeup this days. So having more options will definitely be good, and not forgetting bigger space, so that we have more room to move and browse around. 

My other mistake was not checking the items before purchasing. The purple Color Tattoo Eyeshadow was actually opened and it was swatch already, so i'm still not sure whether i should add into the swap and quote it as an extra or just not put it in at all. I don't know, what do you guys suggest? B'coz if i kept it, i might not used it either as i'm not into cream eyeshadows, plus the color looks quite bright for my liking.

In Shaa Allah (God willing), i will do a review on the Garnier BB Eye Roll On. Just used it the other day, and i love it, don't want to spill to much in this post, will just keep it for the review later on. So do stay tune ya. Oh and about the lipstick, guess what i gave it to my mother in law instead, since the lipstick colors are more suitable for her liking.

That's all for now, till my next post. Thanks and Assalamualaikum ^_^


Sherry said...

nice haul, the roller I have but not this range. :D

gfc follow u too :D

Melissa Mah said...

Thanks for dropping by Sherry. Appreciate for leaving the comment. ^_^

Nadia Shrl said...

Hi Melissa, do review on the Garnier roller. I want to see the outcome. :D

AS for the eyeshadow, I think some would not mind. Just put a note saying that it was swatched before & it's an extra. Or u could ask her through fb pm too. I do that for my nail polish items.

I'm a shopaholic for make up items now because of BABC. When hb questions me I've always got an excuse saying that it's for a swap. XD

Melissa Mah said...

Hi Nadia, In Sha Allah will post up the review soon. It's my current go to concealer for my dark circles now.

Thanks for giving me ur advice i really appreciate it, but i can't PM her b'coz it's the IFD swap. I might just put a note there to let her know that it's an extra. Takut pulak later that she might think it's in the budget.

Hahaha love your excuse, even my hubby complaint about it somtimes. He says it's an expensive hobby. But when we got the treats from Emma he was so happy... ^_^