Friday, June 20, 2014

Drugstore Beauty Haul

Assalamualaikum and Hi dearies, this is actually and over due post and I'm so sorry for not updating this sooner as i'm so overwhelmed with my little bundle of joy *well his not that little anymore.. hehehe* that i wasn't able to . So let's start shall we? Anyway thanks to Youtube, i kinda caught myself watching all this beauty Guru's raving about cosmetics, brush and so on. So since i can't afford getting high end or the pricey cosmetics, i op for something that is affordable that also gives the same results as the originals.

Well to say the least, while browsing for all this drugstore items, which are only available overseas, i manage to find two online stores that made it possible for us gals in Malaysia to purchase this brands. One of it was recommended by Nadia and the online shop is called Mesmerize and the other is called Color Cosmetics (which i found through Google).

So as you can see the pix below, i actually purchase this from Mesmerize (they also have a FB Page which i will link down below). It was a pre-order, which normally takes about 15-30 days, depending how fast they process and send it over.

This is my 1st purchased with Mesmerize by the way, and they did an awesome job in making sure that everything was pack and wrap safely. I ordered the following items from them:-

1. Elf Brush Shampoo
2. Real Techniques - Travel Essentials
3. MUA Undress Me Too Palette

Some of the close up shots of the MUA Undress Me Too Palette.I'm so happy that it arrived safely, and i bought it b'coz it was a dub for the Urban Decay Naked 2 pallete *if i'm not wrong*

Next are the items below, which i purchased from Colour Cosmetics. I actually got the Nyx Adorable Pallette, as well as the Nyx Eyeshadow Base in ESB03 (which is more of a skin colour).

The Nyx Adorable palette is actually quite hard to get in most of the Sephora outlets here, so i just decided to get it from Colour Cosmetics. Price wise it's almost the same or 50 cent more, which i think it's okay. They even gave me 2 free items which is a Collagen Crystal Eye Mask, as well as a small pot of hand cream.

Look at the colors aren't they lovely? Their basically my go to eyeshadow palette right now, b'coz the colors are really pigmented. And i love neutral shades eyeshadow.

That's all for now, i hope i could snap some pictures of me using this eyeshadow, but sadly the only camera i have is from my Samsung S3, and it doesn't do justice. Need to start saving and get a proper camera, please do leave a comment if you ladies have any suggestions on which camera i should invest on?

Till than Assalamualaikum.... ^_^

*This are the following links to the online shop:-

FB Page:


FB Page:


Cindy Tong said...

How's their price like???cheaper then buying in sephora?

Celeste DJ Choo said...

Wow, the MUA palette looks nice!

Nadia Shrl said...

Love your haul! Both palettes are in my wishlish & I'm hoping to get them soon.
I'm also saving up for a new camera. I like sony. Can't remember the model but it's the one where Lisa Surihani is the ambassador.

Melissa Mah said...

Hi Cindy, well it's almost the same price or 50 cents more. It's just that you get the convenience of it being delivered to your house, rather than going through the hassle of being in a jam or too many people, or sometimes the item is out of stock.

Melissa Mah said...

It is, I actually bought it when i saw Essie Button in youtube using it. Plus she said it was a dub for the Urban Decay Naked 2 or is it 3? Not so sure, so I thought I'd just give it a try. Sadly MUA is not available in Malaysia, so I was glad when I saw some of the online shops selling it by taking pre-order.

Melissa Mah said...

Thanks Nadia, this is what happens when you watch too much youtube, they somehow convince you to get those items.. Hahaha, but I love neutral palettes b'coz their easy to play around with. Well In Shaa Allah you'll get them in your swaps, if not you can just order them from Colour Cosmetics. I went to Sephora in Sunway Pyramid few weeks back pun the palette xde. Anyway will check out the camera u mentioned, thanks for dropping by.