Friday, May 9, 2014

My 1st International Beauty Swap


Wanted to share with you lovely ladies on this concept of an International Beauty Box. Before i start elaborating, i actually found out about this concept from Cindy Tong (you can check her blog out at this link and i somehow got curious about it. 

As most of you might not know, there's actually a group in FB called Be A Beauty Correspondent (BABC), in this group they practically have girls/ladies from all over the world and the best part is you get to swap things with them at a budget that is agreeable to both parties. You can swap items from makeup, snacks and etc.

To get yourself in the group, you first have to send a PM to one of their admins and provide them with your details such as full name and mailing address before being allowed to join for security reasons.

Terms and conditions of the group will be provided before confirmation, once confirmed they will provide you a list of files which you can go and fill up your details such as birth date, where your from, questionnaire, links to your instagram, twitter, youtube channel or pinterest and so on.

But mind you, you must be 18 years old and above.

So that's practically it, will put the link to group below this post.

Okay so let's start to my first history of international swap. It actually took me about a month or so before i found a partner to swap. Alhamdulillah there was this new lady called Tabitha from UK and she happened to be new in the group, so we decided to do a budget of about 50 USD and decided on a date to post the parcel.

As this was my very first international swap i tried to fulfill what Tabitha wanted for her parcel. She's really against animal cruelty, so i had to end up getting her makeups that are cruelty free. I practically had to do some research and google makeup brands that are cruelty free. That was when i really shopped in Sephora (the first time i stepped into Sephora it was practically just window shopping no kidding). Being a Stay At Home Mum, sometimes you missed out on this kinda things.

Thankfully my lil sis was there, so while i was browsing and finding, she helped me to baby sit Sofiah. Most of the items i got for her are from Nyx and and some Jelly Beans from Candylicious (sorry couldn't find the picture).

Anyway i got my parcel few weeks later and guess what's inside.

Radiant Skincare by Benefit, till this very day i still have not touched or use the items in this set, b'coz this is the very first item from Benefit that i now own... sorry might sound a little 'jakun' but i can't help it. I don't get to own or splurge on expensive items all the time.

Some bibs and face towels for Sofiah and Jibreel from Disney.

Bath Bomb from Lush, yet to try since i don't have a bath tub to use it. 2 different lipsticks, eyeliner and a clear gloss in Vanilla from Natural Collection.

So that's about it and In Shaa Allah i will do a review on the makeup items sometime soon. Till than Assalamualaikum ^_^ 

* Here's the link to the group in FB


Mieza Everdeen said...

this is awesome :D i have a dream to do international beauty swap cuma budget tak mengizinkan sebab takde income lagi, hehe. cant wait till my opportunity comes!

Syaza Suhana said...

Assalamualaikum! Hehe I understand the feeling bila ada expensive things mcm tu, rasa sayangggg sgt nak pakai XD such a cute bib! <3

Melissa Mah said...

In Shaa Allah in the near future you'll get to do an international swap. Memang best especially when you can get makeup or skincare items from overseas that are not available locally. Even treats, imagine getting chocolates from elsewhere, it yotally taste different than ours here in Malaysia. That will be in my next blog post, which is a birthday swap I did recently. For me since I'm a SAHM, I don't do this all the time, every month kumpul duit, so I practically do swaps quarterly in a year only. But do bear in mind it's pretty addictive.

Wa'alaikum mus'salam Syaza, glad that you understand, memang sayang sangat nak guna. In Shaa Allah it'll come a time for me to try it out :)