Thursday, October 3, 2013

Mivva August "Flower Power" Box


So this is Mivva August "Flower Power" Box, so let's get started.

The product description leaflet.

Shills Rose Essential Hydrating Skin Care Set
- Rose Essential Dual Action Cleansing Gel (3ml) - Retail for full size is RM79
- Rose Essential Hydrating Toner (3ml) - Retail for full size is RM59
-Rose Luxury Essence (3ml) - Retail for full size is RM99

It helps soothe and calm your skin with this travel-friendly Damascus Rose Essential Hydrating Skin Care Set to cover our basic skincare regime.

Tsubaki Damage Care Shampoo and Conditioner (40ml each)
- Retailing at RM 16.90 for 220ml / RM39.90 for 550ml-

The high Purity of Tsubaki Oil EX + Penetrating repair ingredients (also known as Tsubaki Amino) intensively nourishes and repairs damaged hair. Tsubaki Amino penetrates deeply and repair damaged cell membrane complex, retain the moisture deep within, enhances elasticity and unlock hair natural shine and smoothness.

Di Palomo Orange Blossom With Wild Honey & Olive Hand & Nail Cream
(Retailing at RM59 for 75ml)

An enriching and luxurious Hand and Nail Cream blended with olive oil, honey and orange blossom extract which are known for their soothing and nourishing properties. Also rich in Grapeseed Oil to leave your hands soft, smooth and nourished.

I-Gel Aire Refreshing Drops (10ml)
-Retailing at RM18.80 (wm) for 10ml, RM 19.80 (em) for 10ml-

For all contact lens wearers. Unique formulation for long lasting comfort & ocular surface management.

Dermedex Refining Cream 2 Challenge Pack
- RM30 for Refining Cream 2 Challenge Pack
(Bio'tox Cleanser 10g + Refining Cream 2 5g)

RM 165 for Refining Cream 2 for 30ml
RM120 for Bio'tox Cleanser for 50ml

Achieve clearer and acne free skin within 3 days with Refining Cream Challenge Pack. The Refining Cream 2 Challenge includes the Bio'tox Cleanser and Refining Cream 2. The Bio'tox Cleanser helps to unclog pores while moisturizing the skin, while regular usage of the Refining Cream 2 will encourage the skin's natural defenses to resist blackheads, reduce redness and irritation while restoring our youthful radiant.

F Cup Cookies
Retailing at RM 78.90 for 14 sticks.

An innovative product from Japan, the F.CUP brand offers natural breast enhancement solutions with essential amino acids. A hot selling product with over 4.5 million boxes in Japan. The concept of F.CUP revolves around maximizing beauty with nature and changing to be more beautiful, while still providing tasty products. The brand ensures the safety development of the products thoroughly through close cooperation with manufacturers.

- In my case, due to the pregnancy the hormones has actually developed the body to prepare for the coming of the baby. So i had to give this cookies a pass.-

A complimentary Gift by Mivva which is a Perfumed Drawer Sachet in Magnolia. 

- I normally prefer Lavender, but Magnolia smells nice too. Will probably use it to hang in the wardrobe. ^_^

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