Monday, September 30, 2013

Bag Of Love - 1st Special Edition


So guess what i subscribed The Special Edition Bag from Bag of Love. This was their first ever special edition bag, and guess what it's pack with L'oreal, Maybelline and Timeless Truth products. 

So let's start ^_^

The ever cute special edition bag with Mimi's avatar, the bag was actually a collaboration between Bag Of Love and Only Beauty. As you can see the 2 initials in the balloons.

Timeless Truth Collagen Bio Cellulose Mask - RM25 per pc.

As most of you are aware i'm one of TTMask biggest fan, i've always love getting TT Mask in the beauty box/ bags and lucky me, i receive this in time when my TT Mask was running out.

L'Oreal Paris White Perfect Pearl Brush-on Whitening Foundation Essence - Retailing at RM79.90

I've actually received the full size product, and yet to give it a try as i still have my BRTC Jasmine Water BB Cream. Alhamdulillah the tone of the foundation does match with my skin tone so In Shaa Allah once my BB Cream is finished, i will definitely give this a try.

Maybelline Color Sensation Lipstick (015)- Retailing RM 29.90

Got this in full size too as you can see, but the tone is a little bright for me. Haven't tried it on the lips as at yet, but In Shaa Allah once my current lipstick has finished will give this a try.

L'oreal Paris Open Eyes Pro - Retailing at RM53.90

Well the one i received was more to a green shade, but it looks a little smokey which i like. They even have like a small step by step at the back of the packaging, but wasn't able to take a snap shot of it.

Maybelline AngelFit Brighten Up Blush (Wooden Rose) - RM29.90

Was really happy to receive this item too, though the tone of the blush looks a little light, but i think it should suit my skin tone. This would be the next blusher once my current blusher finishes.

All in all i was really happy with the items in the bag, as the subscription fee for this bag was RM 49.90 or 59.90 i can't really remember. But if you add up every single product that i've just mentioned, it definitely cost more than the bag, so don't you think it's a steal, plus it was all full size? ^_^ Glad that i signed up for the subscription.

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