Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bag Of Love for May

This was the first time i subscribed Bag Of Love, Kay from The Glossy Allure has been recommending this bag since their debut 2 months back, but didn't had the budget to do so. So since Mimi the PIC of Bag Of Love posted up the picture of this very same bag on their page, i just couldn't resist and subscribed it. It definitely reminds me of a little tote that my Kuku gave me ages ago which was from Elizabeth Arden.

So was i excited when i receive the bag, definitely looks good and heavy for a first impression. Do bear in mind that it is my first beauty bag, all the while the ones that i have been subscribing comes in a box. And i can reuse the bag for other purposes. So here are the photos of the content.

A little note from Mimi herself, the cartoon illustration is just so cute.

Descriptions on the products that are in the bag, with price list included and not forgetting method of use.

The products that were in the bag, can you imagine... @_@

Kerasatase Bain Oleo-Relax
Smoothing shampoo for Dry and Rebellious Hair (30ml)
Smoothing Masque for Dry, rebellious hair (2 sachets of 15ml)

The retail price for a 250ml is RM 78.

Smoothness and optimum nutrition for dry and rebellious hair, leaves hair soft, silky and under control.


Tried and tested both the shampoo and conditioner, found that the shampoo was not too foamy and the conditioner was just right. It left my hair smooth and not dry, and also less frizzy. Definitely have to apply conditioner, when ever i shampoo, b'coz the hair dresser that i go to mentioned that my hair is dry and frizzy.

Dove Beauty Nourishing Body Wash
 (This one was the full size item in the bag - 200ml bottle)

Retail: RM 6.90 per bottle.


First thing i notice was the smell, it's been so long since i used Dove, i think the last was back during my high school days, when we get free samples or something. Till than i didn't manage to give Dove a chance to be in my daily bath. In Shaa Allah with a reasonable retail price, i might consider bringing it into my daily routine.

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum
 (There were 7 capsules in the sample given)

60 capsules for RM320.
90 capsules for RM420 

This youth restoring serum helps reduce fine lines by replenishing your skins natural ceramides, moisture capturing lipids essential for maintaining firm, smooth, younger-looking skin.

 The texture was a little oily, as it is a serum,  and it also has some kind of fish oil smell. But the smell immediately vanish once the serum is absorbs into the skin. The capsule can actually be used twice, both day and night, but i think i use it so little that it's my 2nd consecutive day using the same capsule.Can't really say the result, might have to use it a little longer to see the results.

Crabtree & Evelyn Somerset Meadow Hand Therapy (25g)
Retail: RM 30 per tube

Crabtree & Evelyn Lavender Body Lotion (5ml)
Retail: Not given


Voucher of 20% off on toiletries product only.


Tried the Somerset Meadow Hand Therapy, and the texture was creamy, not too oily, but it left a nice smell on the hands, even till the next morning when i woke up. It also kept my dry hands moisturize through out the night. Definitely worth a buy.

Calvin Klein Eternity for Men EDT (small vile)
Discount Voucher

Exhilarating. Distinctive. Classic. A refreshing blend of green notes and masculine woods.

Retail: RM209 for 50ml 

Gave this to the hubby, since his been deprived of perfumes lately. So it was just the right time, we both like the scent since it's woody and masculine... ^_^

And there was also an extra voucher Complimentary for Bag Of Love subscribers - Basic Manicure worth RM38 in Amante Nail Spa and Body Care and it only expires on the 30th of July. Would like to try it out myself, but i think i'll pass it over to my mom or somebody else.

Love, love, love the bag so much, as it was my first bag i totally adore both the bag and the items in it. There were in total 2 full size items if i'm not wrong, and the total amount of the products in it, definitely exceeds the price of the bag. So I'm very happy, and i even purchased the June Bag which looks like the one below:-

So how could you not resist a bag like this, stripes and not forgetting the little badge button of an illustrated Mi Mi. Can't wait for this bag to arrive. Anyway if you would like to subscribe Bag Of Love, you can go to the following links below:-
Official Site:
RM 39.90 per month
RM 119.70 for 3 months
RM 478.80 for 12 months
You can also find them in their FB page at the link below, click 'Like' and tick 'Get Notifications' so you won't miss out any updates from them.

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