Thursday, May 30, 2013

Free Talika Eye Patch From The Lilac Box

This is kinda little too late coming from me, but The Lilac Box had this Talika contest few months back and we were supposed to squeeze our juice brains and come up with some nice slogan. So the prize was originally for the winners only, but somehow the The Lilac Box team manage to get Talika to gift this Eye Therapy Patch to all those who took effort in participating the contest. 

So when it was announced i was pretty happy and excited, they emailed and informed and we had to let them know where we would like to collect the gift. So i choose Isetan, One Utama.

So what happen was, planned with the sister for a day out b'coz the hubby uses the car. So we took a drive to One Utama and went to check out the Talika Counter, but sadly their beauty personnel wasn't around. Went to other beauty counters and they advice to come back an hour or 2 hours later to see whether the beauty personnel will be at the counter or not. 

So after 2 hours of going around One Utama, getting lunch and ended up buying BRTC BB Cream - Jasmine Water like the one below:-

Retailing at RM 55 per tube, and i love, love, love this product thanks to Vanity Trove (which was then still operated by their HQ in Singapore). It has the right consistency and it doesn't really leave an oily feel to it, but like how any other creams you still have to top it up with a compact powder in order to attained a matte finish. 

So back to the original story, after dropping by Sasa to purchase this wonderful BB Cream, we decided to drop by the Talika counter again, but sad to say there was no one there even though it was 4pm at that time. So went back feeling disappointed and decided to drop The Lilac Box a private message on FB.

They didn't reply a.s.a.p but somehow within few days Kygan from The Lilac Box replied and mentioned that i wasn't the only one that was disappointed, there were others too. So they manage to talk to Talika and we were able to collect the Eye patch but this time it's in KLCC. So the good news is we get to collect it, and the best part is the redemption date coincides with the International Beauty Fair in KL Convention Centre. That means i can kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

So arranged another date with the sister again, this time we took the train and guess who was excited? SOFIAH!!! yup she was pretty excited that she couldn't stop talking abt it until she got home. So manage to collect the Talika Eye Therapy Patch from the Talika counter in Parkson KLCC. Though the beauty personnel didn't look quite friendly but i didn't care as long as i get the eye patch. The best part of the eye patch is we get to use it 3 times than only dispose. So let me share the benefits of this eye patch:-

This award winning dry patch acts in 30 minutes, delivering moisturizing and anti-ageing ingredients directly to the skin by osmosis. Developed from a post surgery technology.
Reusable, even washable, it produces gradual and controlled diffusion of the active ingredients, stimulating the skin surrounding the eye area to a younger and smoother appearance.

The ultimate eye contour repair :
Spectacular reduction of under eye wrinkles in just 30 minutes!
Eye Therapy is the first cosmetic application of a post surgery, technological discovery, offering exceptional features, benefits and efficiency :
- controlled and progressive release of active ingredients
- spectacular results

This reusable patch, spectacularly reduces all trace of fatigue appearing under the eyes. It is a pleasant, effective, natural and comfortable solution for combating wrinkles, circles and under-eye puffiness.

The results are visible and have been clinically proven by Dermatologists at the "Hôpitaux de Paris de la Salpétrière".

After just one use:
- wrinkles are lessened
- dark circles and eye puffiness are reduced
- scars are diminished

 (taken from

Current retail price is RM 250 for 6 pairs = 18 treatments.

Below is a picture of the eye patch 
(pic courtesy from, b'coz my picture didn't turn out so good.)

So anyways if any of you were to be interested in purchasing the real pack it would look like the one below:-

So far the Talika Eye Patch Therapy can be purchased through their online store at the link below:-

Parkson, KLCC


Isetan One Utama

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