Saturday, October 10, 2009

Ramadhan & Fasting

As most of you all are aware, i've been embracing islam since December 2008, and things have changed this days.

The Ramadhan month is the month that all muslims anticipate, basically we fast from Subuh prayers, and we break fast once the azan for Maghrib is recited. It was tough for the first day, but than it later went on easily... though there are times where i felt hungry and thirsty, but i continued staying strong.

Through out this period, after we have finish our Isyak prayers... we will do Terawih prayers, basically people can go to the nearest mosque to their house and do the Terawih prayers in Jemaah (Congregation) or you have the option of doing it at home. Most of the time, Adam and i will do our Terawih prayers at home.

Anyway, since i quit my job in time for Ramadhan, i've been busy researching recipes for Raya cookies and cakes... i've also invested on a few cooking magazines and books.

Now, i'm able to bake Almond London Cookies, Peanut Butter & Jam Cookies, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Orange Cake & just yesterday i manage to bake a simple cheese cake.

Insyallah i'll be able to post up a blog on all the recipe's i tried along with some pictures.... never know i might create another new blog solely on selling my creations... hehehe... till than...


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