Saturday, November 8, 2008

Not Just an Ordinary Dinner

Been really busy lately, without my boss around everything seems to fall into place well. Just that i had to do loads of filing, and knowing it's not something that you can clear off within 5 minutes.

Anyway, today's Friday, and yet i'm still in the office at 7.30pm. Sigh... cars all the way at mom's place, and in order to get there i've to take the train, as it is just one stop away. Mum called at abt 4 something earlier, and i mentioned to her, to head back home first as i won't be having dinner.

I reached the train station and somehow one of the officers who was working at the train station, told me to be careful, if i was gonna used the pedestrian bridge and i ask "Why?", "Coz, this evening someone's back got snatch", said the officer... so i said "OK, thank you"... while walking on the bridge (which by the way has no lights, the only lights are the one coming from the street lights), i noticed a man smoking a cigarette and sitting at the other end of the bridge... *telling myself in my heart* "Oh no... this is not a coincidence"... prayed really hard along the way.. when i reached the other end, i quickly walk down the stairs. Thank God for flats.... sigh...

Anyway got into the car and head back home, before i have dinner with Adam.. Guess what mom just told me to go ahead with Dinner and come back later... sigh... so had to wait for 'da'... and guess what we had for dinner? Domino's Pizza with their Spicy Sauce Drum Sticks and cokes. Next destination Titiwangsa... it was so windy and peaceful. There were a few couples sitting around and we found a spot right under a street lamp right next to the lake.. and it was just simply romantic. Probably that's b'coz we don't realise the simplest thing are the most meaningful thing.

We enjoyed our dinner and talking to one another. Just spending time with each other is enough even if it's just 2 hours of our time. Anyway that help take my misses aways for a while. It's been storing in me for the past one day. I hope will be doing this more often.. sometime soon... :)

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